Math Review for Certification Exams



This introductory workshop reviews the basic mathematic principles needed as a foundation for professional safety certification examinations such as the STS, STS-C, OHST, CHST, ASP, and CSP. 


The workshop is delivered by a subject matter expert with several years of experience as a practicing safety professional. The facilitator serves as an exam mentor, ensuring an environment conducive to professional development.

What is included:

  • Nito Solutions Math for Exams Guidebook
  • TI-30XS Multiview calculator
  • Notepad
  • Pen
  • Highlighter

Course Specifics:

During the single-day workshop, we cover the entire study guide, explaining to you the essence of each math or scientific scenario as appropriate. The workshop will include a review of several basic math concepts that support the math that may be presented on the exam. The workshop also includes examples of math that may be included on exams and review of how to solve these problems

What is covered:

  • Understand how to operate a scientific calculator and on-screen emulator of calculator.
  • Perform metric and English conversions.
  • Learn how to solve for variables in an equation.
  • Understand use of exponents, scientific notation and answer significant digits.
  • Review of formulas and conversions commonly used on the test.
  • Complete basic sample math problems such as:
  1. Area
  2. Volume
  3. Algebra
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Statistics
  6. Finance
  7. Noise
  8. Radiation

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