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This Guidebook contains instruction on how to use the TI-30XS calculator and many basic math subject such as the metric system, unit conversion, solving for unknown variables, precents, fractions, decimals, exponents, log, natural log, trigonometry, calculating area and volume, temperature calculations and conversions and statistics.  Formulas that have been used on BCSP exams are included with variable definitions.  Two to eight practice problems are presented after each subject to test understanding of the subject.  A 10-question quiz is provided at the end to further test understanding of the topics presented.  A 50-question test covering the topics presented in the Guidebook is also included.  Questions are all in multiple-choice format and the answer section contains detailed instructions for solving each math question.  This Guidebook was created for individuals who need a refresher on basic math concepts that may be needed to solve math problems on certification exams

Why should I buy this?

If it has been a while since you have had to do math or just not good at it, this book covers basic math skills to support BCSP certification exams with many examples and detailed explanations for solving math problems.

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