CSP Guidebook + Practice Tests



This Guidebook contains information on the BCSP certification process and requirements, study and exam taking strategies, more than 350 questions arranged by the BCSP CSP Blueprint and a 25-question quiz at the end.  This book uses the question / answer method of study preparation by allowing the student to identify strengths and weaknesses by subject area and by helping the student get into the test taking mode, i.e., answering multiple choice questions.  The answer section is a great source of study material as it contains much information on the topics presented. This book of practice CSP tests consist of 4 – 100 question tests for a total of 400 questions that are arranged by BCSP CSP Domains.  Instructions for how to get the most from these tests are included as well as an answer section for each test.

Why should I buy this?

This book is a great source of information about how to prepare for the CSP examination.  It will significantly reduce the time you would have to spend researching topics to study for the examination. This book provides the opportunity to practice your test taking skills and help determine what knowledge gaps need filling.

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