Who is Nito Solutions?

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July 10, 2024
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Patrick J. Karol,

Nito is Latin for exam or test. Our motto is “Life is an exam,” reflecting our belief that we are tested daily at work, home, and on the road. What we do to prepare for the test determines whether we succeed or not.

We are long-time colleagues and now founding partners of Nito Solutions, LLC. We offer exam prep workshops and study material for the Associate Safety Professional, Certified Safety Professional, and Construction Health and Safety Technician exams. We aim to help you pass the exam the first time by providing up-to-date exam prep material, including study and exam-taking techniques.

Meet the experts behind Nito Solutions. Our partners, Pat and Robert, honed their safety skills in the airline industry with Delta Air Lines and Richard with American Airlines. Their combined experience and expertise make them the perfect guides for your safety certification journey. After over 13years in the safety department, all three left Delta and later came back together as instructors for Span Safety. After Span sold to Click Safety, an opportunity to provide exam prep workshops through ASSP presented itself, and Nito Solutions was born.

Pat is a successful keynote speaker who has spoken on safety and health at numerous local, regional, and national conferences. He is a Past President of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Philadelphia chapter and currently serves as the Region VIII Vice President for the ASSP. His notable achievement includes being the author of Selling Safety, Lessons From a Former Front Line Supervisor, published in 2019 by CRC Press.

In addition to his civilian career, Robert has served in the United States Army National Guard for over 30 years, demonstrating a deep commitment to safety. His contributions in aircraft maintenance, medical service corps, communications, and special operations, including serving overseas more than twelve times, with four to an active combat zone in three separate theaters, reflect his unwavering dedication to safety. He is a Colonel and the Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officer for the State of Texas. In this position with US Army North during a disaster to get Department of Defense assets when FEMA or the state needs them.

Richard graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Operations and is Nito’s in-house engineer and math expert. Math formulas are his game. He also provides a wide range of safety-related as an independent safety consultant.   


See https://www.nitosolutions.com/about-usfor our profiles.

Today, Nito Solutions is the exclusive provider of in-person, virtual, and hybrid workshops and exam prep material through the American Society of Safety Professionals. Our study guides and practice tests for the ASP, CSP, and CHST are available at www.nitosolutions.com  


Do you need the latest exam prep material? Under the Exam Materials tab, you can find our exam prep guidebooks and practice tests for the ASP, CSP, and CHST.

For more questions about our exam materials or workshops, contact us.