The Importance of Stamina: Get More Done in Less Time

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June 9, 2024
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Patrick J. Karol,

The ASP and CSP exams are not for the faint-hearted. With a mere 5 and 5 ½ hours, respectively, to tackle 200 questions spanning a wide array of safety and health topics, time is not on your side. The pressure is intense, and the stakes are high. A failure means a retake. The long hours of study required for preparation, coupled with the demands of work and home life, only add to the anxiety. It’s no wonder that exam anxiety is a top concern among our workshop attendees.

Managing work, personal life, and exam preparation is a mental and physical marathon. The good news is that the energy required for this juggling act is renewable. How you nurture your body, mind, and spirit can be the deciding factor between success and failure. We often hear from workshop attendees who missed passing by a point or two, only to regret not dedicating more time to studying. But the solution may not lie in more study time, but in building stamina to make the most of your study time. Your exercise, diet, and sleep habits directly impact your energy levels. By establishing routines that strengthen you physically, mentally, and spiritually, you can build the stamina you need to succeed.

Physical energy – Exercise, including cardiovascular activity at least three times a week and strength activity at least once. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night. Sleep boosts physical energy levels, which in turn improves focus. Eat small meals and healthy snacks more frequently than two or three big meals daily. Take frequent breaks during study time (and during the exam) to maintain your energy level.

Mental Strength – Avoid physical and mental disruptions. Whether you are working on a big work project or studying for the CSP exam, find a quiet room and leave your phone in another room. Mental disruptions are those thoughts that pop into your mind during your study time. To avoid mental disruptions, keep a notepad close by to record thoughts you need to get off your mind. Designate a time during the day to respond to emails and phone calls. Every evening, note the next day's most important task or challenge and make it your first priority. Completing this task gives you a sense of accomplishment and builds momentum for your next task.

Spiritual Strength—Schedule time for the activities you consider to be most important. Find ways to engage in the activities that bring you the most pleasure or satisfaction. Spend more time doing what you do best, whether at work or outside of work. Expressing appreciation to others makes a positive difference to both parties.

Studying longer hours is not always the answer to passing the ASP or CSP exams. The routines you use to build physical, mental, and spiritual stamina contribute to your exam success. Building stamina helps you get more done in less time. Don’t be the exam taker who fails by 1 or 2 questions. Build our stamina to get the most out of your work day and study time.  

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