Don’t Flip that Flashcard too Quick

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March 30, 2024
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Patrick J. Karol,

Safety Professionals, are you studying for a ? Perhaps the ASP, CSP, or CHST? Do you use flashcards as a study tool? If so, don't flip that flashcard too quickly.

We used flashcards as far back as early elementary school. As a safety pro pursuing certification, we use them to study definitions or formulas. They worked then and work now; however, there is a right way and a wrong way to use flashcards.

The easy part is writing a term on one side and a definition on the other. The mistake we often make is simply flipping the card over to read the definition or explanation. Don't immediately flip that flashcard when you don't know an answer. Try to recall it as best as you can. Even recalling a portion or remembering something related improves retention, which helps you recall information later. Research shows that your retention will improve even when attempting to retrieve something when you fail to retrieve it after you look at the answer.

There are several study techniques, and several have been discussed in previous blogs. The most important thing is determining which techniques work for you. If flashcards are one of those techniques, remember not to flip that flashcard too quickly.

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