3 Proven Study Techniques You Should Be Using

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April 13, 2023
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Patrick J. Karol,

As the saying goes, study smarter, not harder. Different techniques work for different people. Knowing your techniques will improve your chances of passing the exam.  Make these techniques part of your study plan.

  • Add a confidence rating to each domain to identify your strengths and weaknesses. The ASP and CSP exams have nine domains. No one is an expert in all domains, but most have at least one strength and possibly several gaps. If you use our study material, assign yourself a confidence rating after completing each quiz and reviewing the answer section. Use a Likert scale to gauge your level of confidence and develop your study plan:

          1 – No confidence. I’ve never seen this


           2 – Some confidence. It looks familiar


           3 – Moderately confident


           4 – Somewhat confident


           5 – Totally confident. I got this!

Assigning a confidence rating is the first step in developing a study plan. Additionally, it allows you to focus your limited time and brain power in an impactful manner.

  • One-hour sessions are better than one eight-hour session. Work demands and life, in general, tend to get in the way, tempting prospective ASPs and CSPs to leave all their studying for the exam until the last minute. Research suggests that cramming does not improve longer-term learning. Both exams are too broad for cramming to be effective. Setting a goal of studying 30-60 minutes a day is easy to manage and less daunting a challenge, and improves retention. Instead of cramming, studies have shown that studying with the goal of long-term retention is best for learning.   
  • Productive failure, take a practice exam. One adult learning technique that is not often used is a productive failure. If you are using Nito Solutions material,     complete the quiz or practice exam before studying the material. Attempt to work through the questions and scenarios. Ask yourself, “What is the     BCSP looking for here?” You may do poorly, but it prepares you for meaningful learning by acquiring the conceptual knowledge needed to do well on the exam.

A study plan is a critical first step in passing the ASP or CSP.  If you plan to sit for the ASP or CSP, you already have a job with demands, and possibly a family. A robust study plan helps you manage those demands, improves your confidence level in all domains, and ultimately, achieve certification.

See our ASP and CSP exam materials for learning more about study and test-taking techniques.